Stanley's Spirits

903 O Street Beaver City, NE 68926


 No worries!  

Stop into Stanley's Spirits and purchase
 your own to try. 

Check the Drink Recipe tab to view drinks made with the following selections 

Here is a list of what you missed. 


Zip Line Copper Alt

Batch 19

Shock Top Raspberry Wheat

Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber

Golden Frau Honey Wheat

Stella Artois

(Purchase a 6pk and pick up 1 free chalice)

Miller Fortune

(Purchase a 6pk and pick up 1 free miller glass)


Captain Morgan Rum 

Captain Morgan White Rum

Captain Morgan Lime Bite


 Parrot Bay Rum

  Parrot Bay Coconut Rum

Parrot Bay Pineapple Rum

Parrot Bay Strawberry Rum




 Lanazul Blaco

Lanazul Reposado

Lanazul Anejo